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So many of you have been asking for an update and so I wanted to finally provide that.

This video is a breakdown of what Haymaker is along with an update. Thank you all so much for following the project. It has been quite a journey to say the least. Lots of things that occurred behind the scene personally but I am ready to continue to bring more and more content to the game! Thanks for all the support!

Haymaker coming soon to indiecade

Haymaker is coming to the 2022 IndieCade Festival. Here is a rundown of what IndieCade is about.


IndieCade is organized by an expansive team of dedicated individuals who truly believe that we can make an impact on the industry and ultimately the way the world plays, understands, and is impacted by games. To this end, IndieCade supports independent game development and a series of international events showcasing the future of games.


Haymaker is now on Steam! We plan to to rollout more content but in the meantime, check us out!


Haymaker & MICROSOFT

Haymaker has partnered up with Microsoft and will now be coming to the Xbox family. We are super excited to get Haymaker to as many people as we can, and this is one more step closer to making this a reality.

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