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Haymaker is an indie boxing adventure game that takes place in an 80s fictional rustbelt city Kint. You play as Jackie Elliot, a troubled punk destined for a life of crime. One night when hiding from the cops, Jackie breaks into a nearby building when he encounters Mac Murphy, an old boxing legend whose career was cut short by a drive by shooting. The rest of the journey goes from there. You will be able to explore the city, grow your relationships with your friends and encounter adversity as you try to figure out your path in life.


Expired Studios started in 2017 by Taylor Radigan. Chipping away at different concepts for Haymaker late at night all while working 2 full time jobs to make ends meet. Things have slowed down since then and thus production ramped up fully. What started as a basic pixel art concept turned into a version they coined “pixel realism”.


Haymaker is planning a demo launch. More to come soon!


Taylor Radigan

Lead Developer

Taylor is the one sole person of  Expired Studios. That's not to say he doesn't have help. He has a wonderful wife who offers him love and support. He also has two beautiful daughters that shows him that even when life is tough, there is always something to make you feel lucky and appreciative. 




At the core, Haymaker is a boxing game. Starting from a young kid in the city to working his way to the
top. However, we want there to be room to explore the city and give other activities for you to check out.
Explore the town, talk to many of the people living about the city. Do tasks that people need help with,
hang out with friends but remember you need to practice your boxing skills so managing your
relationships can hurt you should you ignore your boxing training.

Some of those things include

Head over to the arcade to visit and play with friends.

Go to your buddies band concerts

Get into shenanigans with your scummy friends.

Deal with dirt-bags and drunks that lurk around the magnificent city.

Or hey, go with your buddies to the local pub and get drunk and play pool or other bar games.